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About Us

The spirit of Wood & Wine is beautifully expressed through our logo; The vine being embraced by a circle, the circle which represents the natural cycle of life.
This cycle forms the basis of the ethos by which we run all aspects of our business.
The vine is depicted from beneath the ground by the root structure which runs upwards to the trunk and lastly to the leaves and fruit. The vine thus continues the concept of the cycle which in turn illustrates the interdependence between the different parts of the organism in order to produce the final fruit. It reminds us that everything is connected and without these intricate relationships it is impossible to exist.
In our work and daily lives, we recognize these connections and strive to nurture them to full fruition. In terms of sustainability, we express the cycle by continuously seeking to optimize our practices so that we may have as little impact on our environment as possible.

Our aim

Wood & Wine’s core mission is to source and supply unique international wines that offer the best value in terms of price versus quality whilst providing a diverse educational wine experience.
Beginning with South Africa, the aim is to seek out the most exceptional wines in each price category and ship them to Hungary for your enjoyment at a price that will leave you thinking, “WOW, I cannot believe I paid that price for such an incredible wine!”.
Moreover, in addition to a great wine selection, loads of information and fun facts will be provided about the origin and history of the wines, their tasting profiles, and so forth. An actively engaged, happy customer is our top priority!

You might be wondering where the ‘Wood’ part in Wood & Wine fits in.
Well, in the not so distant future we will also be offering a variety of woodcrafts that draw inspiration from the ‘fine wine and dine’ lifestyle.

Please join us on our journey exploring the fabulous world of wine;
it is the ability to share the excitement and joy of a new discovery that inspires us!

About those who are working on this to happen


Hailing from South Africa, Craig graduated from Hotel School and proceeded to gain in excess of 15 years’ experience within the hospitality industry.

Having specialized in Food and Beverage, he was fortunate to gather in-depth knowledge of South African wines and hence became profoundly passionate about it.


Igor on the other hand is a true ‘citizen of the world’ often jetting off to the far reaches of the planet.

With his roots firmly planted in private aviation and luxury events management, his travels have allowed him to sample a multitude of wines from different growing regions across the globe.

Both being ardent travelers and sharing a deep appreciation for fine wines, Craig and Igor felt compelled to share their love for the succulent fermented fruits of the vine. And what better place to do so than here in Hungary with its longstanding and proud wine culture.
Craig and Igor attended many trade shows and also spent a week in the Cape Winelands seeking out wines that meet their vision and requirements. They formulated their first portfolio as a base to build on, and have many exciting wines in the pipeline waiting for their debut in Hungary.

Sára heads the company’s sales division and has become an integral part their vision. Her love for wine was inherited from her father who used to take her to wine tastings even though she could only try the cheese! When she finally could sample more than that, she quickly realised what all the fuss was about. Fearlessly she dove headfirst into the world of wine discovering the nuances of the different varietals and styles. Her true love of course is Hungarian wine, but that didn’t stop her from developing a taste for what the rest of the world has to offer.

I am curious about the story behind wines. Small things, details and finding beauty behind the surface of life are crucial. I am very passionate about every aspect of life, from work, friendship, adventure to eating and drinking. For me, not only the moment of drinking is significant, but the whole atmosphere, the company and the occasion when I am having a glass of wine. I love discovering new things and giving further thoughts to my experiences.


Together they hope to tantalize Hungary’s taste buds by offering exceptional wines from lesser-known regions that over-deliver in the price versus quality categories. Initially, the focus will be on South African wines but will soon be followed by delicious gems from all sorts of exotic destinations.

Whilst all this is going on, they will also be gathering an exemplary representation of local wines for export to show wine enthusiasts from abroad that Hungary is a serious competitor when it comes to the art of winemaking.


To source and supply unique international wines that offer the best value in terms of price versus quality whilst providing a diverse educational wine experience.

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